Kim Kardashian’s famous ‘just married’ jacket to go on sale


Kimye certainly knew how to make a statement when it came to announcing their marriage this week.

The happy couple decided to make their marriage official by wearing some cute customised ‘Just Married’  leather jackets together.

And now fans can have a taste of the newlywed’s special day by purchasing a similar jacket to Kim’s for themselves.

Kim’s jacket is now on sale for $950 from American store, BKL DNM, but unfortunately minus the customised writing behind it.

The couple took  a picture of their jacket in their wedding photo booth. Their matching jackets were customized by artist Wes Lang, who created the cool writing imprinted on the back.

Schott NYC was the designer responsible for the jacket Kanye wore, whilst the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wore a similar one made by BLK DNM.