Kim Kardashian slams her brother Rob: ‘This is pathetic’


It is well-known that Rob Kardashian has been going through a really rough time this past year; even skipping out on his sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye last May.

Self-conscious about his weight gain and reportedly battling depression, things have been far from easy for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star – but it sounds as if the last person offering their sympathy or understanding will be Kim. 

In a new clip from the reality TV show, Kris Jenner is seen talking to Khloé and Kim about a new plan she has devised to try and help her son.

Unfortunately, it seems Kim isn’t having any of it as she snaps: “Everyone licks Rob’s a** and does whatever he says and at some point you have to give it up. We all make his life so easy … This is pathetic. We’re not going to cater to him anymore, but it has to be all of us.”

Kim also describes the lengths her family has gone to so that Rob can avoid the public world; from having his essentials brought to him and even a private chef being hired.

Thankfully, Rob seems to have an ally in Khloé, whom he lives with and who recently opened up about his situation to the media in a very sensitive and understanding way, saying: “He’s definitely not at his happiest place that he once was, and I know he can get to that happy place and he will.”

We hope that Kim attempts to understand the difficulty her brother is going through and we really wish Rob all the best – mental health issues are never easy.