Kim Kardashian just got dissed by Brody Jenner


Brody Jenner has shown that he's definitely the type to hold grudges after this recent Kim Kardashian diss.

He posted a picture to Instagram, along with the caption: "Look…@kaitlynn_carter and I finally get to go to a wedding together!!!"

The picture was of Brody, Kaitlynn, Brandon Jenner and Linda Thompson.

This was a dig at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for not allowing his girlfriend to attend their wedding a year ago. 

The photo has since been deleted, but we're sure Kim saw it.

Brody ended up skipping their wedding in Florence altogether, he told people it was too far away and he wasn't that close to Kanye.

He explained: ""To be completely honest, I don't know Kanye. Like at all. I really don't. I've had one conversation with him that maybe lasted 15 seconds or 20 seconds."

Hmmm, we still think it was down to his girlfriend not receiving an invite.

Brody was later spotted at the wedding of Kim's ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush, in July 2014.

Ouch, Brody.