Kim Kardashian imposes a strict new ban on Kanye


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage appears to be rock-solid, but that hasn’t stopped the reality star from slapping her husband with a ban.

According to reports today, Kim has told Kanye that under no circumstances is he allowed to contact his newly-single ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose.

Since news of Amber’s split from husband Wiz Khalifa hit the headlines, rumour has been rife that the model was back in touch with old flame Kanye.

While sources say that Amber was only reaching out to Kanye to ensure there was no bad blood between them, it was later claimed that the pair had been texting daily since.

Naturally, Queen Kim was not best pleased with what she was hearing, and has apparently now imposed a ban on Kanye to prevent any would-be flirtation between the pair.

While we couldn’t imagine Kanye having eyes for anyone other than Kim, there is a history of drama between the three of them.

Amber once said that Kim was “one of the main reasons” why she and Kanye broke up, branding her a “home wrecker”.

Yikes! Somehow we don’t think we’ve heard the end of the drama surrounding this love triangle.