Khloé Kardashian stirs up controversy with this flirty tweet!


The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are well used to the media throwing around false and unfounded stories at them, and they've even started having a bit of craic with the more ridiculous rumours.

Yesterday a particularly salacious article published by Star magazine claimed that Kendall Jenner had slept with Scott Disick during her sister Kourtney's last pregnancy. Now, we've seen some pretty crazy drama come out of the Kardashian household, but somehow we just can't believe that story!

Khloé was quick to pick up on the article and have some fun with it on Twitter:

With Khloé and Scott spotted numerous times holding hands or in deep conversation, it's often been speculated that the pair could be more than friends. Of course, they have both denied this is true, but Khloé has often publicly flirted with Scott via social media – and this latest tweet certainly didn't help matters.

Kendall and Scott both got in on the joke later on by responding from their own Twitter accounts:

Luckily, Scott's girlfriend Kourtney saw the funny side of the whole thing, writing "Sisters after my man again?!":

This isn't the first time Khloé has referred to her and Scott's supposed affair on social media – last November she posted a screenshot of another article to Instagram, tagging Scott and writing, "These mags are like a great telenovela @letthelordbewithyou you coming over later or nahhhh?"

She loves a bit of drama does our Khloé!