Kendall Jenner just announced some amazing news


Wow, Kendall Jenner looks set for domination of the fashion world.

The reality star and model took to Twitter in the past hour to announce some pretty amazing news – she is the new face of Estee Lauder!

As amazing gigs go, this is pretty much right up there for a young model.

Needless to say, Kendall was delighted to share the news with her followers, writing: “I’m super excited to announce that I am the new face of Estee Lauder. Check out [website] to see more!”

She posted the message along with a rather stunning shot of herself from her first campaign for the brand.

If the beauty brand’s praise of Kendall is anything to go by, we predict a long and happy partnership here.

Unveiling her on their website, the brand wrote: “Fashion muse, It girl, Instagram sensation, cover star…and now our new model!”

This is amazing news for Kendall. There really is no stopping her!