Kendall Jenner can’t fit ALL her clothes in her million dollar gaf

Kendall Jenner has proved that she’s just like us – no matter how much wardrobe space we have, it will never be enough.

The reality star revealed on her app that there just isn’t enough space in her $1.39 million dollar apartment for all her clothes.

She said: “It’s hard at my condo because I don’t have enough closet space.  I also have a rack [of clothes] – it’s so messy, I hate it.”

But not to worry – Kendall has a bi-monthly routine which she uses both to clear out her clothes and help others.

She explained: “I clean out my closets once every two months.  I’m not a hoarder!  If I haven’t worn it, then it’s time to go and that’s that.”

“The piece has to be really special if I keep it. Whatever I don’t auction for charity, I give to Goodwill.  It’s a constant process to keep the clothes from taking over my place.”

Remember Kendall – any spare clothes can be sent our way!