Kelly Osbourne laughs off ‘fat rehab’ rumours


Two weeks ago, various sources reported that Kelly Osbourne was checking herself into “fat rehab”.

However, the E! Fashion Police presenter has spoken out about the “fat rehab” rumours and said that she thought it was“the funniest thing ever”.

Kelly says she likes to tackle false gossip directly, but felt this rumour was particularly ridiculous.

“I’ve always confronted the rumours head on when they’re made up like that, but that one particularly just really made me giggle. Like whenever I’ve wanted to cancel something I’m like, ‘Oh sorry, I’m busy in fat rehab. I can’t go…?’ It’s just the stupidest thing ever!”

But it seems Kelly was able to look at the positive side of things: “You know you’re doing well when someone’s trying to make stuff up about you.”