Keeping up with Beyoncé? Kim K does her best at GQ Awards


Perhaps the rumours about Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian not getting on aren’t true. Perhaps they’re the best of friends! But when we had a look at the photos from the GQ awards last night, we couldn’t help but think that Kim and Kanye were doing their very best to keep up with the world's favourite power couple.

Is it a battle of the PDAs? Or a case of anything Beyoncé can do Kim can do, not necessarily better, but differently, shall we say? For example:

Beyoncé was awarded the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs, which is a lifetime achievement award.

But Kim was awarded the Woman Of The Year Award at the GQ Awards! Why? Well according to Dylan Jones, she is simply “one of the most famous women in the world”. But WHY is she famous? Let’s not talk about that, shall we?

​Beyoncé and Jay Z showed everyone just how much they loved each other at the VMAs with an on stage kiss.

And Kim and Kanye spent pretty much all night showing everyone how much they loved each other too.

Ok Kim. We get it. You win the PDA competition, but Beyoncé comes up trumps in the most honourable award competition. Now please, can you two just get a room!