Keep those toes warm! 12 pairs of spring boots that can handle snow


We thought that by now we'd be slipping into our sandals, but with the snow, ice and rain outside, winter clearly isn't done with us yet.

If, like us, you didn't quite dress for the weather and your feet got soaked this morning, you've probably been considering investing in a new pair of spring boots that can brave these frosty conditions.

Well, we have been too, and here are a few of our top choices:

Left to right: ASOS Studded Ankle Boots €80.00

ASOS Western Ankle Boots €86.66

ASOS Jacquard Ankle Boots €66.67

ASOS Rhoden Ankle Boots €60.00

Left to right: River Island Leopard Boots €55.00

River Island Red Snakeskin Boots €73.00

River Island Black Boots €60.00

River Island Metallic Boots €53.00

Left to right: Missguided Studded Boots €61.00

Missguided Ring Tie Boots €48.00

Missguided Chunky Boots €54.00

 Missguided Western Boots €68.00