Katy Perry ‘spotted kissing’ new man at Coachella music festival


Rumours have been spreading for a quite a while, that Katy Perry and her best friend and actor, Robert Pattinson have been secretly an item for the last few months.

But it seems, there might be some truth behind the rumours, as reports are now surfacing that Katy was spotted kissing Robert at the Coachella music festival.

And it’s not just one source that said Katy and Robert were quite close at the festival. As more and more reports are confirming that the two stars were spotted “locking lips” together.

“He planted it on her. At one point, they held hands. He was like a puppy dog around her.”

But if the rumours are true it seems that Robert and Katy won’t be an item any time soon as the singer reportedly said to the actor, “You know this won’t work”.

According to one source who saw the kiss, said that Robert reluctantly agreed with Katy but is still keen to pursue the singer.

We hope Robert will ask Katy out, because we think these two would make an adorable couple.