Katy Perry hits back at Lady Gaga with this controversial action


Katy Perry has seemingly hit back at Lady Gaga’s claims that she was copying her with a rather controversial action.

Gaga made the comments on her Twitter account when she wrote: “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now.”

The comments alluded to Katy Perry dying her hair what she called: “slime green,” as well as including a mechanical horse in her stage antics for her Prismatic tour.

Now, Katy has taken the Twitter war to another level – by seemingly copying Gaga even further.

The singer featured a video in the backdrop of her tour that showed her putting her fingers in her mouth and puking up green and blue paint.

This alludes back to a controversial stage show done by Gaga where she had an artist puke coloured milk on her.

Gaga received a lot of backlash for the incident, with many saying it glamourised the eating disorder, bulimia, which is why we are surprised Katy followed her lead.