Katie Hopkins stuns with latest comments about CBB experience

Given the high-octane drama that followed Katie Hopkins in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we were certain the controversial figure would have A LOT to say once she finally left. Snide comments, catty remarks; the works.

And we were right, she certainly does have a lot to say. But it's mostly positive! 

The TV personality actually gushed about her experience inside the famous house, saying: "I had a brilliant time in the house. Celebrity Big Brother has been very generous to me." If she says so…

While many contestants struggle with missing their partners and children, Katie, perhaps unsurprisingly, goes the other way, admitting: "I found it to be a sense of freedom."

Going as far as to suggest her time on the reality TV show was almost like a holiday, the star reveals: "It was quite a treat as a (nearly) 40 year old mum to be given a time when you have no worries or concerns with no one wanting anything from you. I found that quite a liberating feeling."

So, there you have it. She loved every minute of it apparently.