Katie Hopkins opens up her about three stone weight gain


Katie Hopkins has opened up about a social experiment she is doing which has seen her gain three stone.

The columnist has been eating up to 6,500 calories a day for a new TV show called Journey to Fat and Back which will see her trying to prove that it’s not very hard to lose weight…sounds charming, no?

Katie has been keeping her followers on Twitter updated with her progress: “My liver is angry, my weight is over, my waist hip ratio is obese, my knees are killing & I can’t sleep. Healthier?”

Katie is notorious for her controversial views – especially on weight, often pointing out that there should be no excuses for people who cannot lose weight: “Instead of facing up to our problems, we super-size the world around us to fit. Bigger models in shop windows, plus-sized uniforms for kids, wider seats at the movies. Anything but accept the cold, hard fact that in most cases we are big, fat and lazy because we eat too much and don’t move enough.”

The mum-of-three also told The Sun that the weight gain has made her “more miserable” than ever before: “I didn’t cry at my weddings. I didn’t cry giving birth. But gaining weight reduced me to a blubbering wreck.”

Hmm, it will be interesting to see if losing all of this weight will be as easy as Katie thinks (and hopes!) it will be…