Kate Middleton loves THAT photo!


Kate Middleton’s official painting may have been a disaster, but she is loving an unusual unofficial one!

Tom Sutton-Smith was dared by his friends to create an alternative to the controversial Paul Emsley painting created in 2012 – and it looks like a hit!

The artist explained his painting to Vanity Fair, saying: “[Kate is] kind of sparkly and I wanted to convey that in the eyes and mouth.”

Prince William was said to be delighted when they were gifted with the painting, reportedly saying: “Wow! It’s brilliant! That’s going up in my room.”

It was also said that Kate herself held the painting for some time, and seemed quite taken with it.

Do you think it is better than the original official painting?

Paul Emsley’s official portrait of the Duchess


Tom Sutton-Smith’s unofficial portrait of the Duchess