Kanye reveals what he really thinks about Kim’s naked GQ pics!


Kanye West has opened up about his thoughts on his wife Kim's naked shoot for GQ – and he couldn't be prouder. "That’s his wife, he thinks she’s flawless," a source said. Fair play, Kanye!

Her body isn't all he was raving about though, according to the source. "The spread was one thing, but he’s more impressed with her being named Woman of the Year. That’s
what’s really up."

Kim received the Woman of the Year accolade at the GQ Awards earlier this week, and Kanye is apparently in awe of her sharp business mind. "He wants Kim to be recognised for everything that she is,” the source said. “Her hard work in the industry, her business ventures.”

Kanye's really feeling loved-up at the moment it seems. The couple were all about the PDAs at the GQ awards, and onlookers said they even disappeared off to the bathroom together. "We don’t know if they were fighting or doing something quite different, but they came out looking very flustered," an insider told The Sun. Kim recently dished to GQ about their "amazing sex life," so it's not too unlikely that they'd sneak off for a quickie!