Kanye responds! Let’s just say Amber Rose will NOT be happy


Amber Rose is set to be enraged by comments her ex-boyfriend Kanye has made about her this morning.

Kanye appeared on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club when he was asked about the feud that has been ongoing between Amber Rose and his sister-in-law, Khloé.

The war of words began when Amber blasted Tyga for dating Kylie, calling her a child and also went on to say that Kanye’s wife, Kim is fake.

Everything then kicked off on Twitter when Khloé brought up Amber’s past as a stripper and Amber then called out Khloé as OJ Simpson’s daughter, something she has denied in the past.

Now, Kanye has had his two cents – and let’s just say it is far from complimentary towards Amber…

Not only does the rapper say that had his wife Kim wanted to be with him at the time he was with Amber, he wouldn’t have hesitated to go with Kim, he also stated that Kim made him take ’30 showers’ before getting with him…

Yikes! Amber and Kanye dated for two years until 2010, a time Kanye seems to have been pining after Kim.