Justin shells out $80,000 over egging incident


Remember last January when Justin Bieber decided it would be a good idea to egg his neighbour’s house in Calbasas, California? We’re pretty sure by the time July rolled around and the singer found himself agreeing to a plea deal to ensure he avoided jail time, he will have realised what an unsmooth move it was.

But in case the twenty-year-old singer needed any further confirmation that egging someone’s house is a bad idea, having to shell out $80,000 to settle the case would most likely make him think twice in the future. $80,000 is one expensive prank, right?

The incident is in the headlines again because Justin’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, today updated a judge on the singer’s progress in adhering to the rules and regulations passed down

Further to the $80,000 pay-out, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his victim and has thus far completed four of twelve court ordered anger management classes. This is in addition to the five days community service the baby-faced singer has to complete as punishment for the vandalism charge.

Justin is currently working with MusiCares which is an organisation set up to help musicians fighting health and addictions problems and will remain on probation until 2016.

We presume Justin's egging days are now behind him!