Justin Bieber says he’s innocent


Justin Bieber is insisting the reason he failed his sobriety test last January was due to a foot injury and not because he was under the influence.

Bieber was charged for DUI (driving under the influence) after being pulled over by Miami police for dangerous driving.

The Canadian singer’s blood tests have since revealed that the 20-year-old had an alcohol level of .014 as well as traces of marijuana and Xanax in his system.

However the singer insists the only reason he failed the sobriety test was due to having a wobbly leg that prevented him from walking straight.

Reports since then have backed up Bieber’s story, revealing he had a hairline fracture on his foot after a skateboarding accident, but it still doesn’t explain his blood test results.

The singer will appear in court next May to face charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license.