Justin Bieber is in big trouble with the law


Has Justin Bieber not learned anything from his past brushes with the law?

Apparently not, if reports this weekend are anything to go by.

Word on the Internet is that the singer has been summoned by authorities to Argentina, to appear in court over a very serious claim relating to an attack on a photographer last year.

Diego Pesoa claims that Bieber sent his team of bodyguards to chase down and attack him outside a club in Buenos Aires. Bieber was on his South American tour at the time.

With Interpol now involved in the case, it’s looking pretty serious, and the authorities have been given permission to use all “necessary means” to get Bieber to court in Argentina within the next 60 days.

If he’s a no-show for questioning, an international arrest order will be issued against him.

Bieber could very well be looking at a charge of causing minor injuries, and if convicted he could face up to one year in prison.

What happened to that sweet boy with the floppy hair? Get it together, Justin!