Just a hug? The optical illusion that is breaking the Internet


Do not be surprised if this one takes you a while to figure out.

The optical illusion has got us furrowing our brows and squinting at our screens.

It seems we aren't alone as the Internet is just as perplexed by the innocent hug.

In the photograph, uploaded to Twitter, it shows a man and woman embracing.

However, it is difficult to work out which body and head belongs to who. 

The user, @Boom_likean808 was the first to publish the picture.

It was captioned: "At first I thought he was wearing the heels."

Twitter was quick to react with a whole host of emotions and we can relate!

Some users just couldn't wrap their heads around it. 



The glorious people of Twitter came to the rescue with a highlighter to unravel the illusion. 

Problem solved, it clearly shows that the man isn't wearing the heels, but rather the woman is resting her head on his shoulder.

Did you figure it out?