Josie Cunningham’s latest tweet has hit a new low


Everyone knows the British public hold the late Princess Diana in the highest regard so it's perhaps unsurprising to hear that Josie Cunningham has come under fire for a reference she made to the deceased royal in recent days.

The glamour model, known for her outrageous admissions and controversial career and lifestyle choices, decided to bestow Diana's moniker on herself in a very ill-advised move.

Taking to Twitter to clear up a few things, the 24-year-old wrote: "People asking what talent I have. I don't need one when I'm the new 'People's Princess'.

This comparison to Harry and Will's late mum did not go down well with all of Josie's followers, with many feeling compelled to respond and set the controversial star straight.

Infuriated by Josie's latest tweet, one user wrote: "I actually would love to punch you square in the face' while another irritated follower corrected Josie and suggested the "People's Pikey" might be a more appropriate nickname.

While we feel some of the responses were certainly over-the-top, we do think Josie should have probably thought that one through first.