Jennifer Lawrence threatens to walk off Letterman set!


So it's not a good idea to ask Jennifer Lawrence to sing in front of people as David Letterman learned this week.

Turns out the twenty-four-year Oscar-winner isn’t as perfect as we all thought. Yes she can act, yes she can makes us laugh and yes, she can make falling up the stairs at the Academy Awards ceremony look pretty endearing, but she can’t sing.

The stunning blonde. who was quizzed by David Letterman last night about her performance in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, has revealed she has a fear of singing in public and now we know why.

Remembering a school performance she gave when she was eight, Chris Martin’s ex took a deep breath and belted out a few lines of Holly Jolly Christmas. Ouch.

Not satisfied with that, the ever enthusiastic David Letterman tried to get J-Law to give a little sneak performance of the song The Hanging Tree which she performed in the film, but the actress is having none of it and threatens to walk off set.

Jennifer revealed that she had asked the film’s producers if Lorde could sing the track and she would lip-sync over it, but was met with refusal and ended up crying on set the day she had to sing.

Check out Jennifer's performance here. We have to admit it, we like her even more now!