Jennifer Lawrence reveals secret suffering


Jennifer Lawrence is known for her candid comments during interviews and her devil may care attitude at red carpet events, but we wonder if her latest remarks may cause more of a stir than she anticipated.

While promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, the twenty-four-year old actress claimed in an off-the-cuff comment today that she suffered from ‘reverse body dysmorphia’.  Hmmm.

We understand that Jennifer means that she often looks better in her head than in real life (what girl hasn’t been there?!), but unfortunately, a celebrity of her stature needs to remember that psychological issues like body dysmorphia need a little more sensitivity than her remark allowed.

During the interview with Good Morning Britain, Chris Martin’s ex said: “I have such, just like an idea of myself where I’m just like a Victoria Secret model all the time and when I see the truth I’m just like ‘what’? You should see what I look like in my mind. I have reverse body dysmorphia.”

We get where J-Law is coming from and the remarks were met by laughter from her interviewer Richard Arnold, but maybe the lovely Jennifer should leave those kind of references aside in the future.

What do you think?