January Jones shares sweet childhood picture


January shared this adorable snap of her and her two sisters posing for a photo on her Instagram account for Throwback Thursday.

It may be a surprise for those of us who are used to seeing January as the feminine Betty Draper in Mad Men, with her styled hair and 50s style dresses,  to realise that the tomboy in the middle of the photo is actually January.

She captioned the photo: “The Jones sisters are here to remind all homely little girls to dream big.. anything is possible with the confidence to ignore judgement, encouragement from a friend, love for yourself and the patience to grow out a bad haircut. #tbt#mybangsareNOTsupposedtobefeathered.”

January then added in the comments section: “I’m the tomboy in the middle, obviously.”

Aww, we think she looks adorable and is obviously very happy judging by the wide grin which is the most important thing.