Jack Fincham admits he attempted suicide after hitting rock bottom

2018’s Love Island winner, Jack Fincham has opened up about hitting rock bottom after receiving a huge amount of public backlash and losing his money, which led him to attempt suicide over Christmas.

The 30-year-old stationary salesman spoke about his “downward spiral” in a recent episode of The Stephen Sully Study podcast. During the conversation Jack revealed that he took an overdose over Christmas the other year, saying he “didn’t want to be here” and that he “was ready to go”.

Since winning Love Island in 2018 with ex-girlfriend Dani Dyer, Jack said that he had been “spiralling out of control, and I’m just now back together.”

“When I was huge, there was no backlash. If I wanted to go out and do something, and I didn’t want to turn up the next day, then I wouldn’t — and that was the wrong attitude,” Jack recalled.

“I had all this time, all this money on my hands and I… I wouldn’t say I f**ked it but put it this way, without that structure I fell to bits.”

Jack then explained that over the past year, money had been running out and his work had been drying up due to the public’s backlash against him, causing him to become depressed. “I’m not a bad person, but sometimes good people can do bad things,” Jack said, referring to the negative headlines written about him.

“I lost a lot of work just through doing silly things and all of a sudden the phone stops ringing and then over the last six months I’ve been thinking ‘I’m in panic mode now’.”

Going on to reveal that he hit rock bottom, Jack said, “Rock bottom to me was not earning the money I was earning and just feeling like at points I didn’t even want to be here.”

“I’ve never said this before… Christmas time, I took an overdose. I was ready to go. I did not want to be here,” the dad-of-one candidly shared.

"And then in March my Nan passed away," Jack continued, adding, "that really affected me. For about a year and a half, it's been a downward spiral, watching the money going down and down and down. Watching the work going down and down and down."

"I felt like I had to hit this point to know that there's no other way apart from upwards. And it's happening," Jack explained. "Now I'm putting myself around the right people, the people who I want to be like. The people who can put me in touch with the right people who can make what I want to happen, happen."

"To build this successful company, to build this successful TV career again and to be working with these good brands again."

Going on to talk about his desire to prove himself again, Jack explained that he’s now returned to his roots and set up his own office supplies and stationery company, as well as having worked on an upcoming TV show. 

If you’re struggling with your mental health and are looking for someone to talk to, then please reach out to the Samaritans by calling 116 123