J-Law and Bradley Cooper made a secret film together two years ago?!


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are no strangers to working together on screen.

Both Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle were huge successes for both stars, which makes it odd that they would keep so quite about the OTHER film they made together, the Depression-era love story, Serena.

Never heard of it? Neither have we! Though the film has just announced a release date of October 24th, it doesn’t yet have a trailer, a US distributor or even a film festival slot. Weird, given the two big-name actors that are involved in it.

Filming apparently wrapped two years ago but there’s been absolutely no word since. Director Susanne Bier reportedly took 18 months to complete the film’s production process, which many are taking as proof that the film isn’t all that great.

Serena does have a Twitter account, but it currently has a meagre 294 followers, despite the fact that they’ve tweeted the odd promotional shot of J-Law and Bradley together on set and in costume.

Bradley did say a few words about the film in a recent interview, however, saying that the role was an opportunity to work with “one of the world’s outstanding filmmakers.” He added that his main motivation for taking the part was that he “wanted to learn to ride a horse.” Well… that’s as good a reason as any, we suppose!