It’s wedding season, but don’t fret if you haven’t got a plus one


Getting that wedding invitation with a ‘plus one’ can be like a slap in the face if you’re only recently single, or if you really don’t want to be single. Don’t let your lack of a date ruin what could be a great night though – you’ll regret it in the long run. Here’s how to survive a wedding sans plus one.

Look your best
If you’re comfortable in how you look, it’s one less thing to worry about. Also, you want people to be utterly shocked that someone as fabulous as you could be single.

Don’t leave early
It looks bad. You should wait at least until they’ve cut the cake, then if you still feel like you’d rather be at home hiding under your duvet, you can leg it.

Find other singletons
You’re definitely not the only one there without a date – find other singletons to have some fun with. Who knows? You could find your future husband!

Small talk
Have a few conversation starters for when you’re sitting around the table. You can talk about the dress, the location, the priest. Wedding themed chit chat is always good, for obvious reasons.

Find the oldies
When you’re looking for people to talk to, don’t avoid to older generation. More often than not, they’re great fun and have great stories. They’ll keep you entertained for hours.