It’s Official: Women are better drivers than Men



It’s an age-old debate – who are the better drivers, women or men? Here at SHEmazing! we have found the answer. Warning – Boys you may not want to read this!

Today, No Nonsense, Ireland’s low cost car insurance company, officially announced that their research over the last two years confirms that women are the better drivers than men – No Nonsense!

Here are the key driving differences revealed in the data:

  • Women in their 20s outdrive men with better scores than their young male counterparts with regard to accelerating, harsh braking and cornering.
  • Connacht has the highest percentage of safe female drivers (82%).
  • When it comes to over acceleration, guys perform worse (69%) than girls (62%).
  • Dublin damsels were the least likely to brake harshly (62%) and just under half (44%) never triggered an acceleration incident.
  • By contrast, Munster machos were found to be the riskiest male driver group (39%).
  • Women who work in the science and/or engineering field have the best driving rating (72%).
  • Of all occupations and professions, teaching has the highest proportion of safe male drivers (71%).

nononsenseThe data comes from almost two thousand No Nonsense’s SmartDriver customers under 30 whose driving has been measured for three months using a clever little device – a state of the art telematics tool – that reveals just how smart their driving is.

The SmartDriver device is a small self-installed device that measures how and when you drive and is available to customers under 30. SmartDriver is a service offered to customers who wish to avail of it, on a voluntary basis.

For 90 days, this device will help No Nonsense build a picture of your driving behaviour. After this period, if you qualify, you will receive cash back on your premium. No Nonsense will continue to measure your driving for a further 90 days (6 months in total) to calculate your renewal premium. No Nonsense will not focus on minor or isolated incidences of driving – the idea is to assess your driving behaviour and calculate a driver score.

It’s a simple idea, prove you can drive well and safely, and get up to 30% off your motor insurance. The better the driver, the bigger the discount. It sounds good to us!

For more information and to order your SmartDriver device click here.