It’s official: The wedding invitations have been sent!


Keen to marry his fiancee Sophie Hunter before she gives birth this summer, Benedict Cumberbatch has sent friends and family emails detailing his wedding plans.

Deciding to go all 21st century on us, the Sherlock star chose to email the invites instead of using good, old-fashioned snail mail because apparently, "time is of the essence."

The Imitation Game star and his director fiancee are said to be overjoyed planning their special day, with an insider revealing: "They're planning the perfect day. Life couldn't be much better for them at the moment."

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, a source said that a few people were taken aback at the talented couple's decision to celebrate their wedding before the arrival of their much-anticipated first-born.

Commenting on the couple's choice, the insider said: "It's shocked a few people but they want their special day to happen before they have their baby."

Well, we wish them all the best with their plans!