It’s highly likely that Facebook interns earn more than you do

A lot of things spring to mind when we think of interns. Coffee runs, crazy hours, low pay.

Well, not at Facebook.

The social media giant has turned that idea on its head and are paying their interns a mouth-watering monthly wage.

Glassdoor have complied a list of the best paid intern in the US at the moment the results are far from what we expected.

Warning: You’re going to want to quit your job and give Mark Zuckerberg a ring after reading this.

Tech giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft offer intern a generous pay packet, but it was Facebook that came out on top with a whopping $8,000 per month.


Yep. Per month.

That works out at somewhere around €7,319 in case you're wondering.

Here’s the full list of the companies you’ll now be dying to work for:

Facebook – $8,000/ €7,319

Microsoft – $7,100/ €6,496

Salesforce – $6,450/ €5,901

Amazon – $6,400/ €5,855

Apple – $6,400/ €5,855

Bloomberg – $6,400/ €5,855

Yelp – $6,400/ €5,855

Yahoo – $6,080/ €5,562

VMware – $6,080/ €5,562

Google – $6,000/ €5,489

We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

But let’s be real, it probably never will.