It’s back on! X Factor couple spotted getting cosy


It’s been months since we had a good X Factor love story – and we really missed them!

It looks as if things are back on for X Factor couple Stevi Richie and Chloe Jasmine as the couple were spotted getting cosy on a train in recent days.

Despite Stevi claiming he was single, it would appear the pair are still close as witnesses say they were seen cuddling and giggling throughout the journey from London to Colchester, where Stevie is from.

Chloe and Stevi first got together when they both appeared on the talent show, with Chloe admitting that she cheated on her boyfriend in the most Chloe way ever: “Our romance happened organically – we were talking about spiritual plans and then we kissed.”

Ah yes, we know all about spiritual plans Chloe – they’ve led to many the kiss in the smoking area of Coppers. 

So it looks like things are going strong for these two lovebirds – let's hope it lasts this time!