Is Tyga using Kylie for her money and a place to live?

And the feud continues.

According to the latest reports, Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna is now saying that Kylie’s plans to welcome Tyga into her new California mansion aren’t really her idea.

Blac Chyna, who has made it pretty clear on social media she would rather her ex not be dating 17-year old Kylie, believes Tyga has got some ulterior motives for moving in the the reality TV star.

A source has told Hollywood Life that Blac Chyna believes Tyga is using Kylie for a place to stay so he can save some of his money. Nasty.

Kylie is worth an awful lot herself, and her endorsements and hair extensions line do mean she’s been financially independent for several years now.

The Rack City rapper is reported to be having some money woes at the moment, with Hollywood Life again reporting that his landlord has tried to bring him to court for thousands of dollar’s worth of unpaid rent.

Does Kris know about this? We feel she would not be pleased.

Blac apparently thinks Kylie is being foolish letting Tyga hang around her as much as she’s done, the source claims: “King is her [Blac Chyna’s] baby and her money goes to support him, not a 25-year-old man. More power to Kylie, though. She’s getting played and Blac wouldn’t ever stand for that.”

Kylie does seem to be doting on Tyga’s little boy, apparently building him his own huge playroom in her house for him to have his own space. As well as ensuring Tyga knows he’s welcome in her luxurious new pad too.

We hope Tyga isn’t taking advantage of the teenager. Apparently she is getting him to help her out around her new house as she moves-in in recent days.

Atta girl, Kylie!