Is this officially the best curry in Ireland?

After years of dominating the tastebuds of the Irish through their takeaways and ready meals, Bombay Pantry has now been officially recognised as a powerhouse for flavour.

In what is known as the “Oscars of food”, the Great Taste Awards are the benchmark for quality food in Ireland and the UK.

In the most recent awards, Bombay Pantry won three stars for its dishes – with each star signifying a “virtually faultless food”. The three winning dishes were Bombay Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken Masala and the Butter Masala sauce.

In contrast to most takeaways, Bombay Pantry pride themselves on their healthy food. It has no MSG, no preservatives and 99% of the food is gluten free. The 1% are the obviously wheaty things, like naan bread. They also have a superfood and a paleo section. Yum.

And now we're hungry.