Is he a snorer? Well, this is the REAL effect sharing a bed can have on us

When you and your partner decide to move in together, a fair amount of compromise needs to take place.

(You might agree to forfeit your 80 throws and 200 scatter cushions if he agrees to donate his games console to charity, that kind of thing.)

No but seriously, while delegation of household tasks might seem like the biggest source of stress in your new co-habiting environment, it turns out that bringing out the bins has NOTHING on bailing into bed if a recent study is to be believed.

According to researchers from the University of Leeds, sharing a bed with someone who tends to snore or sleep talk can have a detrimental effect on your own health.

Research concluded that 29% of participants suffer from sleep deprivation as a result of their bedmate – a condition which can increase the risk of depression, heart disease, respiratory failure and stroke.

Good thing we secretly kept those throws and cushions – some people, who shall remain nameless, are sleeping on the couch tonight.