Fame already too much for singer?


Looking at the line-up for the Stand Up To Cancer telethon, you’d be forgiven for presuming that Gwyneth, Halle or even Robert Downey Jr were the ones guilty of diva behaviour – but you’d be wrong.

According to backstage reports, it was actually relative newbie Ariana Grande who was guilty of throwing her weight around and stirring up trouble at the annual US fundraiser.

The Daily Star is claiming that Ariana “shouted at crew members for staring at her,” and even singled one out, shouting, “Who the f*** do you think you’re looking at?”

Oh dear.


A source on the scene has been quoted as saying: “We’ve been on set with Lady Gaga, Madonna and Mariah [Carey], but combined they aren’t as rude as she was.”

We find it hard to believe that teeny tiny Ariana could beat those three mega stars combined, but who are we to question a “source”.

Another “source” involved in the fundraiser has said the claims are false and that there were no issues with Ariana.

However this isn’t the first time stories of the Bang Bang singer’s diva behaviour have circulated. While shooting a new TV special in August, members of the production team claimed she was “the most difficult person they have ever had to work with”.

There was also an incident on the AMA red carpet when photographers were ordered to stop using their flashes and calling her name.

Whether the reports are true or not, Ariana’s performance of My Everything at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon was amazing – check it out: