Irish model speaks out over Rory romance rumours


Nadia Forde has spoken out about the rumours of a romance with golfing superstar Rory McIlroy. 

The model was said to have been caught up in a love-triangle when it was reported that Rory had phoned Nadia to apologise after being spotted on the town with Belfast model Sasha Gale.

But now Nadia insists the pair are just good friends!

“Rory and I are just friends. We have the same group of friends and we hang out together and that is it," she said. 

“I was dragged into a story that I had nothing to do with and the truth wasn’t necessarily what was coming out. It wasn’t right, to be honest, but I am not going to let that worry me.”

“For the record, Rory and I remain friends. We are good friends. I don’t know how to say it any better than that. I can assure you when I do have a boyfriend I won’t be sneaking around hiding it,” she said.

Well, that's us told!