Irish model reveals truth behind her worrying hospitalisation

Former Miss Universe Lynn Kelly works hard to achieve her toned figure, but in recent months she has had to defend her slim build to critics online.

Back in October, Lynn posted a selfie of herself wearing just a bra, underwear and suspenders while at the launch of a lingerie collection. The photo caused a backlash on social media, with followers complaining that Lynn's slim waist and visible ribs made her "too skinny."

News that the model had been brought to hospital last month sparked more speculation online that the 26-year-old was going to drastic measures to keep her weight down.

However Lynn spoke out against her critics today, saying she is in good health and was "taken aback" by the angry reaction her picture had caused. 

"To be honest, if you actually analyse the picture you can see that I have muscle definition… My tummy would be my smallest part. It probably does look slim from the angle I took it, but I don’t regret taking it and I think some of the negativity that came along with it was very harsh," the model said on TV3's Late Lunch Live earlier today.

Speaking about her recent visit to hospital, Lynn said it was not for any drastic health reasons. "To be honest it was a mix of things. I was under a lot of stress and I’d been working constantly – I think it was 25 days in a row with no days off," she told TV3. 

"So, it was a little bit of everything, exhaustion, it was to do with some stuff I had going on in the past as well, and my mum was sick and that was playing on my mind. I know people probably thought 'oh well I told you so, now look she’s ended up in hospital' – but it wasn’t to do with that at all.”