Irish bride and American groom provide translations at reception

Remember the last time you found yourself enduring a stilted conversation with a fellow guest at the wedding of mutual friends?

While the conversation itself may have been excruciatingly boring, it's pretty likely you understood what the other person was talking about, right?

The same can't always be said when you place an Irish person among a gaggle of Americans as one pair of newlyweds realised when they began planning their wedding.

Fearing that banter may be limited due to a 'language barrier', Patricia from Tipperary and Kyle from New York decided to compile a handy guide for guests which provides translations of  standard Irish phrases.

From 'what's the craic' to 'stop acting the maggot', Patricia and Kyle left no linguistic stone unturned as they prepped their guests for the celebrations ahead.

Uploaded to Imgur last night. here is the full list.

Married a Tipp girl yesterday (I'm from New York) and we had this guide to help the guests