Irish bar wants you to apply for job using strangest method

Snapchat is not just a way to annoy your friends with absolutely ridiculous images, now it can get you a job.

Sober Lane pub in Cork is looking for staff but don’t bother sending in your CV – you’ve to the send in a Snapchat instead.

Ernest Cantillon, the man behind the obvious PR stunt, says that applying for the job this way is in keeping with the vibe of the pub: “Sober Lane Cork is quirky and different. It’s all about fun, and it’s driven by our staff, who pick the music, and we don’t do uniforms. If someone has a good personality, it will come across on Snapchat and we’ll offer them a job or invite them in for a chat.”

The job ad reads: “Forget Discretion! When making an impression, Sober Lane is our obsession, it’s all about the session, let’s hear your confession, if you want a profession” making the bar seem like a pretty funky place to work for.

However, we’re a little dubious about the whole thing – doesn’t Snapchat delete the photo a couple of seconds after it’s opened?!

Ernest on the other hand isn’t, saying they will be able to follow up applicants using their Snapchat profiles.

Sounds like an awful lot of effort to go to to pick some staff…