Nicola Coughlan opens up about Bridgerton’s saucy second season

Bridgerton fans have been impatiently waiting for Neftlix to drop the highly anticipated second season ever since the lavish period piece premiered on the streaming service last Christmas.

Now giving fans a little hint about what they can expect from this upcoming second season, Bridgerton’s very own Nicola Coughlan has come out to share quite a few juicy teasers.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Galway native explained that this upcoming season will be even saucier than the first — we didn’t think that was possible! “It’s got a whole lot spicier I will say,” Nicola commented.

Speaking about her own character in Bridgerton, the fiercely loyal, hopeless romantic wallflower that is Penelope Featherington, Nicola said that we “definitely see more sides to her”.

*Season One Spoilers Ahead*

At the end of the first season it was revealed that Penelope is in fact Lady Wistledown, the author behind those infamous gossip sheets which have been taking the ton by storm.

Revealing what’s next for Penelope, Nicola said, “We find out at the end of season 1 [that she’s Lady Whistledown], that is there but we don’t get to explore it. But the world cracks open.”

“I feel like the Bridgerton world has grown and you’re going to see a lot more sides to her. She’s a sassy chick.”

Based on a series of hugely popular historical romance books written by Julia Quinn, this second season of Bridgerton will largely focus on the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony, and his love story with newcomer, Kate Sheffield, newly named Kate Sharma for the Netflix series. Kate is played by Sex Education star Simone Ashley.

“When you do season one, you don’t know if you’re gonna get a season two, but we were like, ‘I really hope we get a chance to tell that story because people love it so much.'”

“And Kate is such a fiery character. She’s like this strong, independent woman. We really wanted to get to that and the fact that we get to tell [it] is a real privilege,” Nicola confessed.

While we currently don’t have a release date for season two of Bridgerton, we’re hopeful that it will premiere in and around the same time season one premiered last year, on Christmas day. However, in the meantime fans can rejoice at the fact that this beloved period romance has already been renewed for a total of four seasons so far.