In the habit of skipping breakfast? You may want to read this…

It can be hard to find the time to fit in a breakfast as we rush around in the mornings before college or work. Sometimes, the choice between mascara or toast can be just too much.

However, a new study has found it may be in our best interests to make sure we fit a breakfast in as those who don’t go on to ingest an extra 250 calories a day!

In aid of Breakfast Week, the research found that skipping breakfast and eating extra snacks throughout the day could eventually lead to a weight gain of two stone over one year – wow!

The study also found that when we skip breakfast, we are much more likely to reach for an unhealthy snack throughout the day to make up for it.

There are so many other great reasons to make sure you eat breakfast in the morning from concentration levels to energy levels. It sounds like it may be worth getting out of bed that little bit extra in the mornings!

Here are some healthy and easy breakfast ideas to get you started.