Ouch! Perrie shares pic of injuries after setting herself on FIRE

On Wednesday night she was positively glowing on the BRITs red carpet in a delicate cream and gold gown, but fast forward 24 hours and Perrie Edwards' glamourous life had taken a turn for the worse.

The singer took to Twitter last night to show off some seriously nausea-inducing injuries, revealing she had accidentally set herself on fire earlier in the day.

"So today I had an accident, and by accident I mean accidentally set myself on fire," she wrote alongside a photo of her badly blistered and burnt right hand.

"The pilot light on my boiler blew up and set my arm/hand on fire. Not a pleasant experience."

And it wasn't just her post-BRITs hangover that had her in agony – the singer admitted she was left pretty shaken and hurt after the accident, as well as being down an item from her wardrobe.

"I'm in pain, full of blisters, there's not one hair left on my hand or arm and it burnt the sleeve of my favourite jumper. F**king nightmare.

"A little advice from me… STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!"

Poor Perrie – here's hoping those blisters heal up soon.