If you play the Lotto… then you absolutely need to hear this news


Why must everything we love have to hurt us this way?

Just when you were getting the hang of those pesky new lotto changes, they have announced that next month they are bringing in even more changes.

In addition to adding two extra numbers to the selection grid which means that your odds of winning have been altered. Significantly. Once upon a time you might have thought that it was bound to be your turn to scoop up the jackpot.

Now you might be waiting quite a while; customers have a one in 11 million chance to win.

Not only that, but the price is set to increase as well. Next week the usual minimum play will jump from €3 to €4 for two lines.

This would mean that your usual two line quick-pick (or the ‘lucky dip’ as some are known to call it) will come to €5.

We can see many a shop assistant being inundated with queries over the coming weeks. Remember when they started to introduce the seasonal Winning Streak tickets?

The National Lottery have announced the changes today after researching lotto plays and stated their findings have indicated “it’s time for change”.

You will have some times to prepare yourselves, and make some allowances for you budget if you’re a regular customer. The first Lotto draw with the new prices and numbers will take place on 5 September 2015.