‘I am not ok’: Kourtney K gave Reign a major hair transformation

Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram last night to share her son, Reign’s major hair transformation, and let’s just say she was a tad emotional.

Kourtney shocked her followers by posting a photo of her adorable five-year-old son with a completely shaved head, followed by the caption which read “I am not ok.” While this can be misconstrued as a negative reaction, Kourtney made sure to emphasise her love of her son’s new look by replying to comments under the post.

Simon Huck, a friend of the family commented “I’m shook but also LIVING for the new look”, to which Kourtney replied, “I love it."


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“Omg omg what?!?!? He is so handsome! That face,” one fan commented followed by Kourtney agreeing that “he’s too handsome."

Kourtney’s sister, Kim commented “He looks soooo handsome."

While Hailey Bieber piped in with “omgggg the cutest."


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It’s clear that nobody was expecting such a bold move, especially given how renowned Kourtney is for defending her son’s long, sandy blonde locks over the years. She insists that “he is a happy boy” and that her son has the “most gorgeous hair on Earth”. 

Perhaps Kourtney herself became a bit attached to her son’s lucious hair, which is why she’s decided to keep it forever. When one fan pleaded “Tell me you saved his hair,” Kourtney was quick to reassure, stating “It will be with me forever”.