How to win over your crush in the first 12 minutes of your date


They say first impressions count for everything, but now a new study has claimed that it only takes 12 minutes for your crush to decide if there’ll be a second date!

You might spend hours getting ready, but a survey carried out on 2,000 singletons claims that it is those first crucial moments that can make or break a potential romance.

In short, you need to make a good impression, and fast. Eek!

So how do you secure that second date in under 15 minutes?

1.  Do make eye contact, smile and really focus on what he’s saying. These are all ways to make a lasting first impression.

2.  Don’t ask too many questions. A recent study found that the more questions speed daters posed to each other, the less connected they felt. So ditch the mental checklist and let the conversation flow naturally instead.

3.  Do check in with yourself. It’s easy to get so caught up in wondering how you’re coming across on a date that you forget to ask yourself if you’re interested in the person across the table. Don’t let those first 12 minutes go by without actually assessing your own level of interest.

4.  Don’t take a smoke break. A recent survey found that smoking on a date was a bigger deal breaker than checking your phone or showing up late.

5. Do stay away from risky topics. That includes any mention of your ex, politics or your favourite sexual position!