How to pluck your eyebrows without pain


Perfectly plucked eyebrows are the best way to achieve that flawless look. Unfortunately it is a particularly painful part of your beauty regime.

Don’t just grin and bear the pain, try these four tips to achieve the perfect arches pain-free:

Choose the right tweezers
Make sure it is a sharp slanted style as they grab strays and won’t pinch you. Impressive!

Pluck after you shower
Warm water will soften the hairs and help them come out easier.

Avoid the magnifying mirror
This can lead to over plucking as it make you see hairs that aren’t really there. Every couple of minutes take a step back and have a look at the effect before plucking more.

Try a little gel
If you really suffer when it comes to plucking, try applying a layer of Bonjela or petroleum jelly to the area. This can help the hairs come out a little easier.

If you still can’t stand the pain, you might want to book a trip to the beautician for some threading… just saying.