How to make your wide leg jeans look like skinnies


Nowadays, it’s hard to wear a pair of flares without getting noticed; since skinny jeans came into fashion, there is hardly any room for that wide leg cut.

But, don’t be so quick to dump those flares into the bin because with fashion, there’s always a way around making something look ‘current.’

Step 1: Put on the tightest fitting non-skinnies you have.

Step 2: Roll up the leg of your jeans.

Step 3: If there is any extra material hanging off your calves, pull it around from the back towards the front and fold it over to make a tight crease.

Step 4: Roll up the leg of your jeans to hold the crease in place.

Step 5: Put on your thinnest and tightest pair of socks to cover up everything you’ve done so far.

Step 6: Put on your boots and make sure the socks aren’t visible.