How to keep that healthy glow in cold winter weather!

As the colder weather sets in, our bodies tend to get a bit of a shock. Even though us Irish ladies are well used to the chill outside, freezing temperatures can still be hard to deal with.

As well as getting duller, drier skin at this time of year, we are also more prone to pesky illnesses like coughs and colds. 

With a few extra measures to look after your body, you'll stay bright eyed and bushy tailed all winter long…

Winter woe: A cold that just won't go away
If you're prone to getting sick the very second the temperatures drop, some preparation is key this year.

Wrap up warm and include more immune boosting foods like spinach, pulses, citrus fruits and red peppers in your diet. Give your system a fighting chance by stocking up on supplements like vitamin C and echinacea, too.

Winter woe: Unusual tiredness, even when you're getting enough sleep
We tend to have less of a spring in our step in the winter months – make sure you're not oversleeping and that you're getting enough fresh air. Eight to nine hours a night is a good benchmark, and try to fit in a stroll outside even if it's bleedin' freezing. Your body will thank you!

Carb-loading might seem like a great solution when you're cold and in need of comfort, but it will only make you feel bloated and sluggish, so try to supplement refined carbs with whole grains and fresh veg.

Winter woe: Chapped and peeling lips
Our lips lack oil glands and when exposed to the cold air they can dry out really easily.

Skip greasy glosses and try a more medicated lip balm like Carmex or Blistex to really soften your lips and keep them protected.

Winter woe: Dry and flaky skin
Vicious winds and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc with your skin. Applying a good day cream while your skin is still slightly damp from the shower is a great way to lock in moisture. You may need to step up your skincare routine at this time of year – exfoliating at least once a week is important to stop dry skin cells from blocking your pores.

As for moisturiser, look for one with SPF and keep in mind that the sun's rays can still be harmful during the colder months. A good night cream will also go a long way to ensuring your skin gets a much needed moisture boost while you're sleeping.

Winter woe: Cracked and chapped hands
Extremities like our hands and feet can suffer in colder weather, and although we'd never step out without shoes on, we often forget our poor fingers!

Wear gloves whenever possible when you're out and about – try mittens than can be changed into fingerless gloves, so that you can still work that touchscreen phone with ease. Keep a good non-greasy hand cream on your desk or in your handbag and use it a few times a day, especially after washing hands.