How to incorporate the 70s interior trend into your home

The 70s are back in a major way and if the fashion trends haven’t invaded your wardrobe or hairstyles yet, it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, take a look at some of the ways that incorporate some of this trend’s most gorgeous traits into your home interiors to give your space a little spruce!


What’s really important, first off, is to identify what colours are going to work in your space. The 70s had an incredibly distinctive palette, full of warm, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, terracotta reds and natural creams, all offset with lots of greenery. These colours are all the more vibrant end of nature but definitely have a natural look to them – red clay, sunset orange – the outside came insane in a very cosy, bohemian way.

As can be seen in this room below, the colours have been incorporated into a more modern space, meaning that we don’t feel like we’ve stepped back in time to our grandmothers living room in the 1970s. Instead, the room has a pleasant nostaligic feel to it with the vintage rug, soft textured creams with little pops of burnt orange, dusty red and mustard yellow in the chair, pillows and lamps. This is all set against a clean, uncluttered backdrop of a white wall and Scandi-stye flooring, meaning that we’re not overwhelmed with a busy wallpaper that would make the room seem old-fashioned, rather than the trendier retro.


This is a major point to be aware of. Textile art, shag rugs, velvet couches, neutral cottons and linen – these are all trademarks of the era. Macramé art in particular, with its intricate, knotted designs can give a really funky feel to an otherwise neutral space, giving it the 70s inspired treatment. Velvet sofas, leather armchairs and shag rugs are definitely to be used with caution as they have the ability to make a room feel dominated by the past, but with the right balance of pieces, they can be the defining statement furniture in the room.

Yarn, wool, shag, leather, suede – texture is important in any room, so focus on your throws and pillows, the materials in the curtains, of the rug. Build it up gradually with small items that look almost hand-crafted, like woven baskets and linen throws and remember to keep your colour scheme in mind – just as important as texture!

Natural materials

We all have an old wicker chair that’s gathering dust up in the attic! Get her out, sand down her splinters and dust off her cobwebs – it’s her time to shine! Wicker and rattan, the two unsung heroes of decades past are making their comeback with 70s trend, riding on the back of the more natural, plant-focused décor that’s sweeping the interior blogs. The light, natural, pliable woods lends themselves to the lightness that such overpowering interior colours require, working well with the surrounding greenery.


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Whether it’s the old wicker chair, the rattan pendulum light shades, the slatted cupboards or the refurbished console tables, these woods add a certain texture of their own that easily works as a backdrop to our more dramatic shag and velvet.

Bold patterns

If you want to really lean into the 70s look, there’s one surefire way to do it: Get yourself some graphic wallpaper. Big, bold, vibrant and eye-catching, this will be your statement piece, but if you can pull it off, it will be worth it. Picking something funky and leaning into it creates that eclectic 70s feel that the decade is renowned for. If an entire wall feels overwhelming, frame some of these funky prints and incorporate them into to the décor on the walls so you can get a subtler effect.

Will you be trying out this interior trend, or is it just a fad?